Girl Power and the Divine Right of Mythological Gods to remain Ever Young.

Posted on May 19 2021

The humble apple. A symbol of temptation, knowledge and immortality, across legend, mythology, religion and even the Disney of my childhood: inextricably linked to the quest for eternal youth.

 And I get that desire to prolong the appearance of those visible signs of ageing. It is not the preserve of the Gods to want luminous, wrinkle-free, firm skin without a blemish in sight. Our fabled Idanea Ever Young Skin Collection has been formulated to do just that. The fabulous face and body oils, super serum, exfoliating polish and nourishing balm  are packed full of high performance, natural, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and vegan ingredients to boost collagen, smooth and plump the skin and reduce fine lines. And wow, that vibrant, gorgeous glow is to die for. Or not, if you’re an immortal soul, worshipping at the altar of everlasting life.
I never realised that King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, The Gods of Olympus and Norse Mythology shared so much. Nimue: lived in Avalon, Land of the Apples, had regenerative superpowers. Hebe: Goddess of Youth, lived in a celestial orchard, feeder of Ambrosia, the elixir of life, to the God’s of Olympus. Idunna: Goddess of Rejuvenation, keeper of perpetual apples, the source of the Norse God’s age-defying good looks and charm.
I love that Idanea (our contemporary variation on the name Idunna) was indispensable to all those Norse Gods chasing immortality. The gentle Goddess holding the fate of the Gods in her hand. Girl power, even in the lands of myth and legend. The Ever Young Gods began to feel those fine lines just like us mere mortals, as they grew old in her enforced absence after she was inexplicably kidnapped by Loki. Desperate to reclaim their youthful glow he was persuaded to turn tail and return her to the kingdom of Asgard.
It’s always been a fine line between seeking immortality and crossing the line into temptation. Christianity and Walt Disney both using the apple as a metaphor for temptation of one kind or another. Who can forget hiding behind the sofa as a child, willing Snow White to just say no to the old crone with that poisoned apple? Movies have forever told stories of adventurers seeking eternal life only to end in disaster but with a virtuous morality tale of living your best life, as is. Although, many would say Harrison Ford actually did get hold of the Holy Grail as he now prepares to don the Indiana Jones hat once more, forty years after the first film was released.
Back in the real world, do live your best life, embrace the skin you’re in and treat it to our all awesome Idanea Collection , our very own fountain of youth. And maybe, just maybe, eat an apple a day.

With love Dolly x