Regime regimen ritual? What’s your beauty routine?

Posted on August 24 2021

Routine, regime, regimen, ritual: variations on a theme or an essential part of the efficacy of the myriad of wondrous beauty products that promise a return to the blemish free complexion of my youth? Then, the only skincare rule was hygiene based: wash your face, soap often an optional extra, for a glistening glow taken for granted till that mirror moment. ‘I’m melting!” Who hasn’t empathised with the wicked witch of the East?

What works for me isn’t always going to work for you. I’m all for discovering your own unique, personal beauty routine. But one reality is, sometimes, you might just want to pick something up and run with it and that’s what our Dolly Lemon Rituals are here for too, curated for you, so you don’t have to. Use them for inspiration, for discovery and most of all, for yourself. Take some me time, indulge and enjoy.

But how fascinating is the terminology we use for our day-to-day skin care? Do the words we use help or hinder? ‘Regimen’ strikes quite the prescriptive tone, implying it has been imposed for an end game rather than devised for life. But, sometimes I really, really do need to be told, as my devices, are not always best left! And, of course, not to be confused with ‘Regime’ which has echoes of systems, order and authoritarian government rule! But actually, if it is more effective to use our Marvellous Multipurpose Mirabelia Face Balm from our Idanea Ever Young Skin Collection, to cleanse, before using our Exquisite Exfoliating Polish, Luscious Lazuli, because it gives better results, then who am I to argue?

 A ‘Ritual’ does have a more religious or ceremonial element and I’m all for that: I am after all a believer in the superpowers of Dolly’s All Natural, All Vegan All Awesome, Cruelty Free Beauty Products. I’m not sure I would go as far as always using the same facecloth, playing the same tune, counting out my strokes as I pat down my favourite Radiant Rosebud Facial Serum in the stylie of a sporting great’s reliance on their favourite socks, in order to pull off the big win, but I get the sentiment. It matters. And if it works for you then Ritual it is.

 Safe to say, whether you create your own routine or buy into one of Dolly’s own tried and tested Rituals, our four fabulous collections will make it work for you. Everyone, in their own way is extraordinary and so how you use Dolly’s Beauty Secrets is very much your call. Regime, regimen, routine or ritual, however you do Dolly, celebrate it, own it and do it your way.

 With love Dolly