Wild Swim, I think I love you….

Posted on July 04 2022

Dry Robe: check

Chilly Thermos: check

Dolly Lemon Vegan Beauty Products: Check

Sharp intake of breath: Check

 The ultimate all natural all awesome health boost that Lauren Hughes’ Woman and Home article 29th March 2022, so brilliantly outlines is a favourite with our Devon Dollies. A quick dip, a full swim or watching from the waterside our Dollies reap the benefits of the mood boosting, health enhancing hidden beauty spots that feed our inner soul here in the UK and the world over.

Studies show a multitude of potential benefits. Simply put the immersion in cold water is said to:

 Relieve symptoms of pain such as those of arthritis

Benefit those experiencing depression

reduce stress due to acclimatising to the shock of the cold

release endorphins that can take us to our happy place,

boost wellbeing from being at one with nature

My wise old Brown Owl was a big fan of that scouting mantra ‘Be Prepared’ back in the day and never has it been so appropriate. Forget sewing badges (though how useful it has been) I hear Mixology is now a Girl Guide Badge, pre splash down our Devon Dollies have applied Blue Diadem Hair Repair Oil. Full of antioxidants, omega rich fatty acids and magnesium, Avocado Oil is a high-performance ingredient that is said to promote shiny, sleek and strong hair worthy of Rapunzel. Cornflower Petal Botanicals and Tea Tree Oil are purported to have anti-dandruff and hair strengthening power. No swim cap required.

 Never without risk, and do take a read of the official advice as it can save lives, swim healthy gov.uk our Dollies never swim alone and have built up time in the water slowly so the camaraderie created by their coastal dips is an addiction that has seen their exploits mirror national trend in the UK as written by Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey  for BBC.com A chance to socialise, a chance to be silly and a chance to shine, literally, it’s really quite the glow as you exit the water.

 But once those pores are open it’s the perfect moment for Dolly Lemon All Natural All Vegan and All awesome Beauty Products to come into their own and compliment natures fine work. Without being ‘sciency’ about it, the increase in blood flow flushes out impurities as it exfoliates the skin. Our wild water babes never leave the house without our exquisite exfoliating scrub Luscious Lazuli which targets all the senses with its jewel like colour and scent of the sea, to leave your skin with a vibrant vitality and youthful glow. A dash of our Marvellous Mirabilia Face Balm with Vegan Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid will cleanse and retain that all important moisture. Add Dolly’s Active Daily Deo, Menthe, with a recipe that is paraben free, and you are good to go back on dry land with a spring in your step and a new lease for life.

 Wild swimming for our Dollies brings joy, companionship, enhanced wellbeing through a love of the natural world and a respect for it’s risks and rewards. It really is All Natural and All Awesome.

 *With thanks to all the fabulous articles and huge admiration for the scholarly Studies referenced in the links. Products and brands mentioned are used personally and are not a paid advert or sponsorship arrangement.