Words, Words, mere words, no matter the heart.

Posted on November 29 2021

‘What’s in a name?’ Is it simply ‘mere words’ that give a literal legitimacy to a random range of products, facilitating algorithms or stock and order systems for retail emporiums and online platforms? Or is it something more? A Miss Marple clue for customers that signals the contents of their potential purchase? An intriguing insight into the purpose of their intended goods? A reference, even if fleeting, to its origins? Do words really mean nothing if not backed up by actions or substance?

The lotions, potions and balms lovingly curated in our four fabulous collections, aren’t just any beauty products, they are Dolly Lemon Beauty Products. They have an innate connection, epitomised by the moniker so carefully chosen to represent them, giving them an identity and laying the foundations of a unique persona. Laurence Olivier was arguably the greatest stage actor of his generation and famously he built his characters from the feet up, adding layer upon layer, complexity on complexity till the role was as real as you or I. I’m not sure what he would make of my eclectic mix of DM’s, Hunter Wellies or Ebay Jimmy Choos but times change!!

 Idanea is at the heart of Dolly Lemon. Based on a Norse Goddess of Eternal Youth, Idunna, she is our very own Goddess, of our Ever-Young age-defying skincare collection. Indispensable to the Gods as protector of the everlasting apples that were the key to their longevity, she was strong, dependable, spirited and smart. What better inspiration. She is Dolly’s Idanea and we love her and her fountain of youth.

Akkadia has a wonderful tonal edge, evoking the ancient cities of Mesopotamia from where it gets its name. Hair was big business. Hoxton Hipsters, watch and learn. Top knots and beards were all the rage and gender power play meant the ladies would even don fake whiskers to get ahead. But Hair and Beard Oils weren’t just used for shaping and smoothing, their cleansing properties were much needed back in the day!

 Ukiyo just trips off the tongue. Our range of sublimely scented candles will take you straight to the floating world of Japan’s Edo period where the focus was on living in the moment but with that hint of naughtiness that accompanies the philosophy, team Dolly smile the biggest smile every time a candle is popped in the post. Dolly’s Body Boost Collection has some global wordplay that takes a little from a long way: zen, the perfect state of calm, Kai, meaning fire in Scotland, the sea in Hawaii, warrior in ancient Europe. Kei in Japanese is joyous, pride and glory in Hawaii. Kaizen is to continuously improve, so for us what better combination of words is our Keizen with it’s onomatopoeic quality embodying the get up and go, zip and zing, Bada boom energy of our Bath and Body Beauty Range.

 So here at Dolly Towers in the Torrs of North Devon our time-honoured beauty secrets from around the globe use names that will breathe life and soul into our products and collections. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.