Chinchera Sublimely Scented Candle 220gm

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This gorgeous, hand poured, Chinchera Candle from the Ukiyo Sublimely Scented Collection is inspired by the ancient Incas in the Peruvian Andes who used the oil of the native, Schinus Molle to cleanse and purify during ceremonial blessings. The vast foliage of this sacred tree created a canopy that provided a safe, secure haven for the indigenous animals of the region. The area became know as Chinchero, the birthplace of the rainbow, a symbol of hope and positivity, the world over.

The floral, aromatic scents of Rock Rose and Pink Peppercorn Oil will revitalise your soul and inspire new beginnings as you leave behind the anxieties of the day to day, embrace a world of endless possibilities, hopefulness and joy.


A sweet yet spicy, buttermilk, rose scent.

Thoughtfully presented in a Dolly Lemon Drawstring Bag.

Recyclable glass.

Diameter 7cm x Height 8 cm / 220gm / 1 wick

Up to 40 hrs burn time

All Natural - All Vegan - All Awesome